Régis N. (regisrex)

Régis N.


Mid-level software engineer, currently revamping some stuffs at Scriptylabs, Attending 12thgrade at Rwanda Coding academy,Tech advocate, mentoring and empowering fellow Rwandans to join the tech world at WithinTech, Pushing some commits to open source projects on Github, Doing some freelance ux-ui design work and posting them on my(portifolio ) and playing with my nephew :)


What's up! I'm a 17yo software engineer living in Ruhengeri, Rwanda. I enjoy building challenging things, otherwise.. I act lazy. I publicize educational repos on my github, maybe you can check. I also write my thoughts most about dev and tech on my blog


Throught my 3 years of experience, I've worked with a variety of technologies and tools. I'm currently focused on building web applications with Typescript and Golang.

Web projects:

  • Invictus RMF : the management system used at rmf.gov.rw
  • Comidu :site, api & admin for comidu's website
  • RwandAir Catering : site + cart system, api & admin for RwandAir Catering service
  • Kurious learn : East africa's top e-learning platform
  • Pandora : algorithmless social media platform

Tools and packages:

  • json-base : a minitool that enables using json files as databases
  • gcommit : conventional commits utility cli
  • string-hunt : recursively string-search via nested objects
  • codelive : a tiny working clone of codeshare.io

UX-UI Design:

I made a seperate portofolio for that, check it here


Thinking of a project or somewhat, reach out to me at hey@regisndizihiwe.me. You can also follow me on Github and Twitter to see what I'm up to! See you!

Fun fact

I've never heard of a fun fact which is actually funny :)